About Beyond Ballet

Founded in 2023 by a former professional ballet dancer, Beyond Ballet is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting professional ballet dancers in their transition to successful careers beyond dance. We connect experienced former dancers who have excelled in diverse fields with artists seeking guidance for their post-dance journeys.

woman in white dress walking on hallway
woman in white dress walking on hallway

Our principles

Prioritizing the empowerment of ballet dancers by connecting them with mentors who have successfully navigated their own transitions. This principle underscores the belief in the power of shared experiences and guidance to inspire and enable dancers to explore and excel in new career paths.

Community and Support

Respect for Artistry and Diversity

Empowerment through Mentorship

Valuing the unique skills, discipline, and creativity inherent in ballet, and recognizing how these qualities can enrich various fields. This principle also embraces diversity in career aspirations, acknowledging that each dancer has a unique path and a wide range of potential beyond the stage.

Fostering a strong, supportive community where dancers feel understood and encouraged. This principle emphasizes building a network that not only provides professional guidance but also emotional support, helping dancers navigate the challenges of career transition with a sense of belonging and resilience.

Our Vision

A world where the discipline, drive, and creativity of ballet dancers are celebrated and extended beyond the stage, empowering every artist to step into diverse careers with confidence and support. We envision a future where the transition from ballet to various professional realms is seamless and celebrated, allowing the skills and artistry honed in dance to enrich a multitude of industries and communities.

Interested in becoming a Beyond Ballet mentor or mentee?